Thursday, August 9, 2012

One for Farmer Frank

When he was a lad, it might have looked like this. More corn though. He's in Indiana. More corn land than wheat, I think.

[sorry for all these videos. I know some of you are bored to tears with this stuff, but it fascinates me. And I am still out of pocket and can't concentrate on the blog. Thanks for checking. More guns stuff in a week, I am sure.]

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GreyLocke said...

Actually as a farm brat (I spent all my summers as a kid on my aunt and uncles farm) I find the framing videos very informative. I also liked your printing videos as I feel it shows just how far we have come from the original wood cuts to today. If people forget just where technology came from and the ramifications of it's invention, we will be a much smaller place. For that I am sad.