Saturday, August 18, 2012

OMG, Arsenal!

A work buddy's Father In Law died.  He is now in charge of dispersing the dangerous firearms.  Mother In Law reports to him that "It must be hundreds!  He was a nut case!  It's a danged arsenal!"  Everyone in the family knew it was that bad.  Arm a small Central American country bad.  So, to me, GOOD!

My work buddy knows nothing about firearms and asked my advice.  I told him to send pics of what must be a warehouse full of guns.  Don't point the dangerous ends at anything.  Don't get your fingers or what not near triggers.  And then you'll be as safe as houses.

So what was the haul?  Dozens of BARs and Barret .50's?

Nope.  A lever gun, a couple deer guns, a shot gun, a .22, a revolver, a Lugar, and a Glock.  Ammo.  A compound bow.  The Father In Law was a hunter, it seems.  Even my work buddy is wondering about the fuss other fambly members made over it.  But he's been exposed to me and knows not to get excited over sub-JayG numbers of boomsticks.

I'm sure you've noticed the same phenomena.  For those unfamiliar with firearms what to us gunnies looks like a very few or a good start looks like holy Hell to the unintiated or to hoplophobes.  This is a thing we can calmly change.  You don't have to make a shooting enthusiast out of a hoplophobe to make them think that kind of gunsafe is no big deal.  I mean, they have an over, a toaster, a microwave, a gas grill, and a George Forman.  All those different ways to burn up a piece of beef...  Works the same with guns.  Different guns for different things.


JD Rush said...

I've taken more guns on a range trip.

Mark said...

I just sat here and counted the loaded weapons within reach of me sitting on my bed. I stopped at 6 as I didn't want to sit up, or reach under the bed. And that doesn't include what is in the safe in the closet, or behind the door. Oh and if you know of someone trying to sell an old decent IJ or H&R 9 Shot .22 S,L and LR give me a hollar, don't care if it loading gate or top break, Mom doesn't want to use her .38 to shoot the snakes eating her ducks eggs. The neighbors complain.

Windy Wilson said...

Yes, but it's the George Foreman Grill that gets you into trouble with the Vegans. That thing is designed solely to grill dead animals!

Tam said...

It's not really a collection if it's only a two-digit number... ;)