Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movie: The Dead

Zombie movie.  In Africa.  The Dead.

A stranded American military flight engineer is stuck on the dark continent during a Level 4 outbreak and his evac means fails.  So he is trying to get to someplace with a modicum of safety.  He ends up with an African soldier who is looking for his son.  Together they set out for military base in a rickety vehicle. 

The zombies are EVERYWHERE.  They are pretty slow at least.  Between them they have 2 pistols, an AK, a machete and not enough of anything else.  Gas, food, water, ammo.

The West African countryside is practically a character in itself.  It seems like a blasted scrubby heath, hot and uninviting.  Yet it has a beauty to it.  If I were to find myself in such an environment that unfamiliar land would be daunting.  Familiar Mid-Atlantic forests and rivers is one thing to be stuck with, but to be there, with all the unfamiliarity, plus the equatorial heat...  It gives me shivers. 

All the time they are walking in that landscape I am reminded of various safari videos I have watched.  It would be ironic to be escaping zombie jaws only to be eaten by a lion.

The gun handling is actually pretty decent.  The movie isn't listed in the imfdb, so I can't ID the pistols.  Here is pic of the more serious pistol:

The other is a smaller one, .380 or 9mm.  Looks kinda Warsaw Pactish.  I was thinking Hi-Power for the pistol in the pic, but that trigger guard is the wrong shape and throws me off.  Maybe a SIG 220?  But that stuff forward of the dustcover doesn't feel right.

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Daniel E, Watters said...

It looks like the FN HP-DA or BDA9.