Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is anyone else?

As bad a typist as me?

I mean is their any hope?  Will some say, "oh yeah, Faulkner was a hunt and peck 15 wpm with an error every other word... his poor editor..."

In my wildest fantasies, I am not Faulkner.  I am not Tam or Marko or Farmer Frank. THEY are my fantasy.  SOME coin coming in from scribblings, but still a day job.  And I think that bar is set too high for meSHEER fantasy.

I wish blogger did images as such that this was legible without embiggenation.

Bukowski, btw


breda said...

"ting" - I heard that with an Irish brogue.

Borepatch said...

If you go into HTML mode, you can set the height and width of each picture in pixels.

The problem may be your blog layout, where half the space is that blank bar on the left. You don't really have any room to expand the pix.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, I'm a worse typer than you, but I was born with those short pinkies, so for me, it's a MInor Birth Defect.

But Hey! At least you know there's one "Les" person to compete with in the Publishing Game!