Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DiFi Foiled?

They aren't going to let her bill come to the floor of the Senate in the larger Senate Gun-Ban bill.

Good News?  Sorta.  Maybe.

I think if her stuff was included there then the whole bill had a greater chance of being filibustered, and Harry Reid knew it.  I think Harry wants to vote on SOMETHING, and thinks a more tamped down bill has a chance of a floor vote and maybe passage to be sent to the House.  And Harry wants to not embarrass Obama but not have anything go through to a vote, and there is the chance of less backlash for pro gun dems in 2014 with a milder bill, and there is the chance wobbly Republicans will actually send some lesser, but still bad, bill to the president to sign. 

Yeah, it's political baloney slicing.

I want all gun control bills to fail, with plenty of people on record voting FOR the bill anyway that can then be targeted for defeat in 2014.  And then defeated.  But first, I want any new restrictions, NOW, to fail.


And there's the rub... let's see what the Feds do with background checks for everything and a backdoor illegal gun registration.


But this does mean that at least 16 democrats in the Senate don't want the exposure of this bill with their vote on record either way.  16 of 55.   Only 39 or less would vote to bring it to the floor.  I hope my statehouse is paying attention.  The proportion of Dems in this state, total, isn't much higher than it is in the US Senate.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Keep in mind, she merged Lautenberg"s "High Capacity Magazine Ban" Bill into hers, so now NEITHER of them can be Voted into Law, unless she can get a 60 Vote "Yes" Vote to pass the Amendment.

What a Maroon!