Thursday, March 14, 2013


Have you ever noticed that with the more execrable politicians almost every statement is a reflection on themselves? 

It's famous for an anti-gay advocate to be caught going to same-sex prostitutes, for instance.

But with gun banners.  "The NRA and gun owners today is nothing but racist old white men, and their numbers are dwindling, living in fear and hating on black people."  Then you look around their organization and there are few than there were 20 years ago...  and they all have gray hair... they ban things because of scary looks, and we already went over how racist gun banners are.

Or that they don't trust ordinary people with a gun.  What that is telling you is that they don't trust THEMSELVES with a gun.  And probably for good reason.  (Heck, there was a time I didn't really trust myself with a gun.  I didn't jump up and down to keep one out of YOUR hands, though.)

You know, I don't mind them being crazy cranks, afraid of their shadow.  It's them spreading their fear onto others and directing policy that's an issue.  If they left people alone we'd all be much happier.

Try that trick though.  When one of Them says something, especially if it sounds funny, a non sequitir, or has nothing to do with fact... turn it around onto them.  See if they are just projecting their own foibles onto a larger population.


Happy Pi day!  My default is Key Lime.  Tho I may stretch my culinary skills and make a peach pie sometime...  With homemade crust.


J.R.Shirley said...


I've been threatened with coconut custard, but no joy. :-(

J.R.Shirley said...

Oh, wait, it's early, not late...Pie!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Nothing worse than a Bunch of Old Commie Hippie Politicians who keep pushing the Same Old Crap over and over and over....

Old NFO said...

Finally, somebody else that likes key lime! And the rest, yeah, concur!