Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gun Culture

You want more gun safety, Bloomberg?  You need to get some of the Liberal gun owners to join the gun culture.  And these non-liberal new gun owners that are buying up guns in record numbers lately.

The so called Gun Culture is obsessed, often annoyingly (but appropriately) so with the four rules of gun safety. 

Those isolated from the gun culture do not know this.

If your gun ad gun-banner guy was a real gunnie with even the most cursory association with the Gun Culture, he'd know that Rule 3 governs where his trigger finger should and should not be...  And that muzzling is bad.  My guess is the guy in the ad is a neckbeard #OWS hipster type that is just an actor.

Does he really have his finger on the trigger, or is he palming it and getting all the fingers around and through the trigger guard?  Doesn't matter.  Dude like this at the next lane at the skeet range holding his shottie like that?  Sorta thing gives me the heebie jeebies.

If your true mission in life was to improve gun safety you would try to bolster and support the Gun Culture.  And the NRA's Eddie Eagle child safety efforts to spread gun safety information.  But that's not your true mission in life, is it, Mayor Bloomberg, founder of Illegal Mayors Against Guns?

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Don't you just LOVE the Stereotype that ALL Gun Owners are Bearded Redneck Pickup Drivers with Shotguns who only Hunt?

Gee, you'd think it was the '60s and the end of "Easy Rider" was coming up.

But then again, there are sure a lot of Hippie Politicians FROM the '60s writing Anti- Gun Legislation....