Friday, March 22, 2013

I think I can _transport_

Looks like they expanded the wording in Maryland's Senate Bill 281 from merely 'possess' a registered assault weapon (like a stripped AR lower) to possess and transport.  They were still hashing out the House Bill 294 vis SB281 when I wrote this, but the wording of the HB was the same as the original Senate Bill. 

So, worst case scenario, for me personally, I can no longer buy an AR lower, M1A, etc. after December 2013.  I don't have to 'register' any I have before that date because they already were when purchased.  I can no longer buy 20 round mags in Maryland, but there is nothing against me possessing or transporting 11, or 20, or 30, or 50+ round magazines in this state, and can still buy that stuff at a Virginia gun show and take them home.  I don't have to get a special gun-purchase license because I am a military veteran honorably discharged.

There was a worry in the original verbiage that I'd have burdens in those matters. 

So I can live it. Hell no!  That doesn't mean I am not wholly opposed to this law.  What if I want to buy something ELSE in the future?  Definitely need to get one more stripped lower before the end of the year.

I did send another note to my Delegate this week.  He's probably getting sick of me. Coincidentally a couple hours before THIS came over the wire.

Also... M1A and others might be kosher if they are modified so they don't have some features.  The big one on a plain service type M1A is the flash hider.  And they must come with 10 round magazines.  But what if I bought a flash hider and screwed it on myself?  Nothing at all about user modification for a so called assault long gun, that I can see.  It's law, it's confusing.  But I am pretty sure that buy a stripped AR lower or an M1A (for example) is right out.  But if someone beside Springfield makes a clone of the M1A...  and puts it in a standard stock with no flashhider... 

It's even more confusing.  Say you move here from Texas with an AR.  You might be able to just register it with the state and still be able to possess and transport thereafter.  That one is a bit more iffy...  Good luck getting them to accept your registration.

"But I live in Northern Virginia, T-Bolt, and I want to go to a blog shoot in south central Pennsylvania, what happens if I drive that little 6 mile length of I81 on my way there with an AR in my Pick-em-up truck?  It's not registered in Maryland, perfectly alright in VA and PA, and I'm only transporting it through MD.  I may stop for gas..."

Well... I recommend not getting pulled over.  Failing that, hopefully FOPA has your back.  Sorta like going from Vermont to New Hampshire and passing through a sliver of Massachusetts.  Technically you are ok, but, I wouldn't push it.


Turk Turon said...

When driving from Northern VA. to Pennsylvania, I always go thru Berkeley Springs, WV on Route 522. At that point, Maryland is only a mile and a half wide and you're in and out in under two minutes. There's a nice place to stop for lunch, too: Tari's Cafe. Great food!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yep Turk, I know that route well. Might have to use it if there's another Blogshoot in VA/WVA over there. But until New York went Insane, I used to take the Southern Route through the Empire State (now controlled by the Dark Lord of the Sith Cuomo) to avoid Massachusetts in its entirety to go to N.H. for the N.E. Blogshoot.

But the best I can come up with is taking I-80 to I-81 North and limit my Exposure time until I can reach Vermont.

And hope I don't get into a Car Accident.