Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So, some leftists at the Center for American Progress posted this infographic and think it is damning.

It IS damning, but not how they think.  So 2 million people have failed a background check and the reasons are:

58% felons
9% fugitives
10% misdeamor domestic violence convictions
4% restraining order
1% mentally ill
8% drug abusers

But how many of those 2,000,000 people that have convicted a felony (or NEW felony) by attempting to buy a gun have been arrested and prosecuted for it?   Or is the gov't fine with them now pursuing different means to illegally obtain a firearm and then committing mayhem with it?

It's an argument AGAINST their position!

Plus their are outright lies in he graph.  The "40% Canard" and they conflate suicide with homicide.

[Crap.  Does anyone else have problems when you click to embiggenate the image?  I'd hate to drive traffic to CAP by linking the image....]


Bubblehead Les. said...

Comes up same size, Bro. Sorry.

But I remember some Federal Judge back in the Clinton Era saying the reason they DON'T have all the Gun Felonies sent to Court is that "They're Too Busy" and "Why are wanting to Clog the System?"

Cormac said...

On the map they list 4 shootings.

These were teenagers who were provided firearms in violation of existing laws (they wanted to do something evil, so the law didn't stop them). The "gun-free" zone wasn't even a speed bump to them (more like putting out a salt-lick for mass-murderers).

Tuscon: "...the federal government failed to put his record in the system."
No. The idiot sheriff and his deputies (along with school faculty and staff, and his parents) never bothered to flag this crazy bastard as being...well, a CRAZY BASTARD!
Blaming the guns for the failure of the system, while trying to pass laws that will only overburden an already bogged-down bureaucratic mess...

Virginia Tech: Another system failure (and another "gun-free" zone). I wonder if I should be jealous that I'm not possessed of the flavor of stupid they have. What a simple little world they occupy (ignorance = bliss ?)

Really, I can't imagine why they left off such notable examples as Pearl, or Appalachian Law School.