Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why do they keep saying?

Why do they keep saying, "I'm a gun-owner butt..." ?  I don't understand.

They are @ssh0les, because the next thing out of their mouths is often proposals to abrogate the constitution, be tyranical, and cause me and other gun owners no end of face-palming over their civil rights violation proposals. "Hey, let's confiscate all the boomsticks AND bring back separate drinking fountains, that would be great, yuck yuck... Vote Democrat!" 

Are they just cleaning up their language for broadcast radio and TeeVee? 

Is it because opinions are like butts and they all stink but espeically ther irrational one they are just about to spout?

Is it because they don't really have any firearms but are a pain-in-the-butt to actual gun owners?

Are they talking out of their butt, best personified by that washed up anti-vaccine actor that talks out of his butt, literally and figuratively?

But yes.  You are a Gun-Owner Butt, Mr. Gun-Banner.

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Mike W. said...

I am a gun owner and I like big butts.....wait that's not what they mean...