Friday, January 16, 2015


Signed up for level 3 1911 Armorers class. 6 days of instruction over 3 weekends. By the end of it I will be able to take a billet of steel and a file and make a receiver I can then effortlessly attach 50 some other parts to, and an have a 1911 better than your store-bought.

Ok ok, the class isn't magic. But this will prolly be as far as I can go with such instruction without doing an actual semester of real Gunsmith school, then apprentice myself somewhere. Then, after many years of that and many messed up not so good pistols... I'll be able to make decent one.  Maybe.

Yeah, can't devote that time, but if I could that would be great.

They are simple machines, easy to understand.  Easy to judge. 

And ever little part on them affects every other.  Tricky buggers.  Sotra analog that way.  As opposed to digital.  Careful if your digital guns switches to zero instead of one.  If it's zero, you are hosed.

Class starts in February.

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