Monday, January 12, 2015

JeSuis Charlie

So, what is the proper policy response? In France and the West as a whole?

We might want to formulate something effective and conducive to our values before someone somewhere goes full Nazi and cranks up cattle cars full of people heading to ovens in remote areas, but with Muslims this time

We've been doing this response thing as a more than a hobby since September 2001. Some things have worked, some haven't, some things haven't been tried. What should the Occidentals be doing?

First all, a little more self-confidence in your own culture and civilization is a must. Right now. Stop apologizing for existing. Stop acting like the West invented all the evils of millennia in the past 4 centuries. And that the West has contributed ZERO good in that time. We are the 'Best Civilization EVAH!' Sure it's subjective, but we all gotta get on board with that.

I like an American tradition we have lost sight of since we invented thermonuclear devices. The idea of Unconditional Surrender as a condition we demand of our enemies. Sure, after you surrender we might just kill off all military aged males and enslave your women. That's the point of that kind of surrender. You are just going to have to take that chance. Our history and tradition doesn't point that way as the way to bet, but, what is your alternative? When we get into unconditional surrender mode and you done we end up killing off all military aged males. And a bunch of the enemy's women and children besides.

Meh, we'd never do that.  Not today.  Not without nuke strikes on a few US cities.  And even then...

Pah.  Sounds like stoner logic.

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