Wednesday, January 7, 2015

That's funny right there...

In HuffPo via Breitbart.

Paraphrased some:

It argues the 'Constitution is the weakest of all grounds for defending gun rights, and a self defense appeal to justify gun ownership is simply laughable.' Despite what SCOTUS unquestionably ruled in Heller, the amendment only applies to the militia and not individuals. Despite what SCOTUS unquestionably ruled in McDonald, States aren't beholden to recognize the right under the 14th.

Read the source material at PuffMo if you don't mind giving that guy traffic.  It's actually funny.  It's not infuriating, it goes beyond that to entertaining.  Transcendant.

Where does such irrational and delusional thinking even come from? What is the purpose for even writing such a screed? Revealing such sheer ignorance. Such lies don't move the needle of public opinion, apparently, despite the number of times it is repeated. Putting out gun-banny signals to your fellow travellers doesn't require such stupidity.

Or are their vast swaths of Americans that are swayed by such claptrap? Not according to polling.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

It's typical Leftist Balderdash about the Constitution. They have a Problem when it's applied against THEM and their Agenda, but if you said "No More Freedom of Speech for YOU," they'd be in the Courts so fast it would make your head spin.

Actually, this is probably just a Re-Education Piece designed to keep their Stupid Followers Mis-informed about simple things like Facts and Truth. Atheist Forbid if their Masses actually used their Brains!