Thursday, January 15, 2015


This is why I'd NEVER keep a .300 BLK or its ammo in the house. Not with a .223 AR nearby. I don't even like mixing 20 gauge and 12 gauge in the same vicinity.  Cuz you might accidentally mix a 20 gauge up with your 12s, rack it, wonder where the shell went and why it went click, rack another one in...  And now you have a 12 gauge in the chamber with a 20 gauge on top of it in the barrel.   

Pick one of there pretty-close calibers and stick to it is my motto. I'd go .458 before considering .300.  Of course now I'll hear about a .458 that went into a .223 upper and kaboomed, and would welcome the info.

MBtGE has .300 BLK.  And a few black uppers.  It makes me feel hinky. 

If someone insists on having both 5.56 and .300 BLK, maybe distinctive furniture of it's own color is called for.  It doesn't guarantee incidence free, but every little bit helps, ya think?


Murphy's Law said...

My .300BLK rifles are both easily indentifiable. One is an SBR with a suppressor and it looks nothing like the other ARs. The other, with it's 16" barrel, has distinctive green furniture, the only one like that in the safe. I also keep a strip of tape across the magwell as a further visual and tactile "clue".

Murphy's Law said...

Additionally, My .300BLK magazines are all marked as such with paint.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

See? Even more seasoned shooters like Murph have this nagging sensation at the back of their mind and go, "Hmm, I better make this more obvious..."

It's not just me.

Old NFO said...

Scary! And agreed!

Murphy's Law said...

The day that I set up a Browning 1919 machine gun at a range and experienced a total failure to feed because I had a .308 barrel in the gun and belts of .30-06 that I was trying to get it to chamber, I realized that any screw-up is possible given enough casual familiarity and inattention.

Siege said...

I've got a .300 BLK gun knocking around in my noggin, and the big key feature of it is that it's going to be an AR-15 pistol or SBR, because 5.56 does NOT like short barrels, but .300 BLK barely even notices if the barrel is under a foot. It'll also probably use completely different mags, 20 rounders or so compared to the 40 rounders I use standard for my big AR-15.