Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Got Nuffin'

Tuesday's after a long weekend are like regular Mondays for blog fodder drought.  The mental cupboard is bare.

Watched Extreme Prejudice this past weekend.  It's sort The Wild Bunch, but made 15 years later and in the 'present' time.  Also Milius instead of Peckinpah.

Why?  Well, a few years back a buncha gun blogs talked about it, putting the bug in my ear.  And I had been hearing about the great John Milius lately, and the queue on my Netflix sorta went that way...  Everthing just came together for this movie to be here this weekend.  Lots of great character actors from the 80s, too.  Ironsides, Boothe, Nolte... but I like that it had Clancy Brown and Rip Torn, too. Initially I thought Matt Mulhern was actually Bill Paxton.   Hard to get more 80s than Paxton.

Plus just about every firearm available in 1986.

And I am wondering if there is any movie Milius is associated with that I don't like?


John in Philly said...

And Milius has two movies that feature the Colt Potato Digger. Rough Riders and The Wind and the Lion.

If you watch the opening scene in The Wind and the Lion, the importance of carrying extra ammunition and practicing a fast reload is driven home.

John in Philly

Bubblehead Les. said...

Check out the Bio about Milius on Netflix. Should answer your questions.