Saturday, January 31, 2015

American Loons

A blog devoted to them.  Almost equal opportunity!  I mean they DO include Democrats, but the list start alphabetically and the first loon that is a 'D' they include is Tom Harkin.  All the way to the H's before finding a loon.  Zoomed right past 'G' which is Manbearpig's surname initial.  So, a bit myopic to some of the loonies standing around him.  I bet if you asked him about Climate Fraud he wouldn't even have heard that it's a thing. 

But entertaining in spots.  For an Obama supporter.  And hey he considers Jeremiah Wright a loon.

And...  Larry Pratt AND Wayne LaPierre, which I am sure would delight and perhaps infuriate both, to be grouped together that way..  Though he tars Wayne because he is paranoid some politically powerful Americans want to confiscate other American's guns.  Pfff.  Projection, and exaggeration, much? 

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Old NFO said...

Good one, and a good time sink for today!