Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who Do I Vote For

For NRA.

Who do I vote for that will keep the world's oldest civil right organization from beclowning itself with a cover like this:

Who do I vote for that will help us get the courts to stick a thumb in the eye of the great state of Maryland and reverse some of our Gun Crow laws.

No seriously, I need timely endorsements.  Not last minute ones.  Links to bloggers.  Bloggers on both sides of our issue.  The Sebastians and from down on Sipsey Street.  I already know who Shannon Watts wants me to vote for...  Any ophthalmologist that can correct that thing with her eye.  (Hey!  No cheapshots, TBolt!  Ok, ok...)

Tell me specifically who you like, and, more importantly, why you like them.  How voting for them is in my interest.

1 comment:

Comrade Misfit said...

I'm long past fed up with the NRA Clown Show. That cover, and some of the other "zOMG!!!1! Hair on Fire!!1!!" covers of the last few years are just pathetic.