Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Guns Then and Now

The Firearm Blog does a piece on one of my favorite things.  The 50 year old 'reprints' of old Guns Magazine editions, noting how things have changed and how they've remained the same and how they sometimes go in cycles.  I like this angle they came up with, noting the guns on the cover then, comparing them to the guns on the cover now.  And then they were single shot and now they are semi's.

My regular readers already know that I am pretty enamored with the old magazine editions, and often comment on them.  Just tickles my fancy, those snapshots of history.

The Firearm Blog does have a good point.  They weren't bereft of coverage of semi-autos back then, but there were plenty of models of semi pistols that I learned about now, that were new THEN, that they never mentioned back then.   The S&W 39 and subsequent models from that parent.  Ya know, now that I think on it, there are a lot of ads for Ruger and Browning in those old magazines but few for Smith and Colt.  Ooo, Colt Woodsman.  I saw a few of those advertised.  Thassa nice .22.  Handsome.

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Old NFO said...

Yep and the prices are enough to make you cry... AND wish for a time machine...