Monday, January 12, 2015

Anti-Cheney Protesters

Arrested at the VP's house in Virginia.  They were inside the perimeter.  Code Pink types.

Don't these people remember?  Cheney shot someone in the FACE and GOT AWAY WITH IT!  And that was his friend.  Imagine what he'd do to a real life Hippy.

Or maybe they were looking to Martyr themselves.


Steve said...

Did we pass through a wormhole? What year do these people think it is?

Murphy's Law said...

@ Steve, they can't protest Obama, and Bush lives too far away, so V.P. Cheney is all they have.

Tighe Barry and Eve Tetzaz are professional protesters who have no other reason for existing. They need to get arrested every few months to keep feeling relevant.

Glenn B said...

Why the fuck don't they protest the Muslim scumbags who are killing people who enjoy our rights and liberties? Once those scummers take over here, the lives of liberals are worth shit.

Glenn B said...

Mother-screwer, I had to go through three security fields to post my comment. They are going overboard with this crap!!!!!!!!!