Thursday, January 22, 2015

WalMart tackle of an innocent CCWer

Here is the video, via SayUncle.

Why are gun-banners so racist? Because that is what they are.  Gun control started out and has always been to keep guns away from black people. Only recently have the gun banners tacked on: “and keep em from them redneck crackers, too!”

Why are you and yours so dang raaaaacist, Shannon Watts of the gun confiscation group IllegalMayorsAgainstGuns?

One day, one of these liberal wackjobs listening to people like Shannon to go into histrionics whenever they 'make' a CCW person, one day some someone is gonna get killed. And it may be an someone like you and me minding their own business. But that's what the Gun-Banners want, tho. Gin up the crazies, wait for one to pop, and then use them to push their bans.

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LCB said...

Word is now that the attacker may have mental issues. He's still in jail pending...evaluation???