Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dub Dub Won

Nobody understands WWI.  Now or then.  It's pretty much:

  1. The Schlieffen Plan, lots of army movement for a couple months
  2. Settles into Trench Warfare
  3. Then nothing really happens for years except people dying
  4. Gas Planes Tanks U-Boats
  5. More dying
  6. The Americans show up
  7. More meat grinder
  8. Then the war ended... somehow?  I mean we weren't in Berlin and they weren't in Paris or anything...
  9. I just don't know
  10. Then everyone got the flu and dying intensifies
  11. Shut UP, Wilson
  12. Then the Americans go home and there is no beer
If you have those 12 points, you pretty much know more than 98% of everyone.  You don't even need a 14 point plan.  Dang fascist.

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