Saturday, April 1, 2017


So, Larry Correia and Tam play a tank computer game.  I was a Navy guy, so I play the same company's warship game.

World of Warships.

They pay close attention to detail on the ships and try to get all the fiddly bits right.  They look great.  And they perform similarly to how they performed in real life.  A slow 1904 cruiser is slow, an Iowa battleship is fast.

The way it works is, you select a tier one ship and you join a squadron and fight another squadron.  You use guns and torpedoes and ramming to cause damage, and smoke screen and spotter planes to hide or see farther.

It's mostly about ship to ship gun duels, so... yay.  Guns.

There are aircraft carriers in game you can play, but no subs.  No missiles.  No ship after WWII, for the most part.   But also nothing much before 1900.  As you gain experience you can progress through the tiers.  Some ships you can play never left the drawing board in real life.  Frex:  the Montana is the US line's tier 10 battleship.

When you are matched up the grouping is in tiers.  So you could in a Fletcher class Destroyer fighting alongside a teammate in a Yamato class Battleship.   But you won't get to gang up on a USS St Louis cruiser.  You are tier 9 and 10.  The St Louis is a good ship, but only tier 3 and would wither in seconds.

I refuse to play any of the Japanese ship lines, though they have superior torpedoes.   The Japanese killed my grandpa.  So they get no slack from me.

My favorite ship, so far, is the USS Cleveland, a very good all round performer.  Here it is in New York on St. Patrick's Day, needing a new coat of paint.



JayNola said...

You know of
He plays and posts videos. I live vicariously thru him due to my lack of time and plethora of minions.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I do a lotta Jingles

Tam said...

Marko plays the heck out of World of Warships. You'll find me on there sometimes, too.