Monday, April 3, 2017


Not going to the range really saps my blog fodder.

What other updates can I give you?

I have never finished my 1911.  I need to debur the grip safety and install the sights.  That's it.  Easy peasy.  But the thing is stratched all to heck and back.  I was hoping for a metal finishing class.

The .22 conversion kit on my old Springfield frame?  Yeah, that's not good for the sear and hammer hooks after a while, so I keep an eye on it.  It's the factory sear.  If it goes bad, so what?  I want to learn how to do sears and hammers on my own. 


David said...

I hear you. I'm getting ready to enter a match dry spell, and not sure where the musing inspiration will come from.

I count on you and others to provide vicarious shooting fun. We have a problem. :-)


c-90 said...

Or a buffer wheel and jewlers rouge polishing compound.