Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gun Control Klaxon

The gun banners would love to make every public shooting in the news an argument for this cause, allowing them to ban all firearms everywhere, even cops and soldiers, but not every story has legs on it. Here is what they need.

  • Lots of sympathetic innocent victims.   Then need as much blood as possible to dance in.
  • The shooter should be white.  If the shooter is from an oppressed class that can distract from the gun-ban message.  
  • Multi racial and very young, preferred.  They can cite the shooter as racist, while also highlighting a charismatic little 11 year blonde girl.  Double whammy.
  • The gun can't be some old style gun.  Scary looking modern semi-auto are best for them.  Especially if it was on a ban list once before but isn't anymore.  A five shot revolver is inconvenient to their message.
  • It's best of the shooter has no professional gun training.  Their mid-course incremntalist goal is to ban guns for those not trained in their use, then ban guns of the professionals.   Ban for me, today, but for cops tomorrow.  So, no ex-cops or military vets.   Unless they are crazy.  The gun banners can work with crazy.
What am I missing?  

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Jonathan H said...

The victims should be women and children, not cops or military, and in a 'safe' public place is best - a school, university, government (but non-military) office. The San Bernadino shooting was best for them, except that the shooters were Muslim.