Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Regular Capacity

So, the Trace is all undie-soiling that there is an uptick, sposuhbley, of 'large capacity' magazine getting confiscated by the Po-Po in the course of their duties.  Much to the chagrin of State since the state officially frowned upon bigger-than-10 round magazine back in 2013.  "But those are supposed to be verboten!  Why are criminals now seeking them out?"  Well, duh.

Little background.  Most of Maryland, spezially the populous parts of Maryland, you are less than an hours drive to another state.  States with gun stores.  It is only illegal to sell or give away magazines inside the state.  Not illegal to have.

Since the Police are under siege and going with a Ferguson effect, homicides have skyrocketed, especially in Baltimore.  Sanctuary policies bring in more MS-13 types.  Dem pols don't have the police's backs, so crime goes up.  More homicides (even the liberals admit it is up 40%).  So, the rate of Glock 17s being used is probably proportionately the same, but there are just more killings.  More Glocks found at the scene.  25, instead of 25, say.  So that looks like more high cap mags, right?  4% increase!  Crisis!

What absolute bushwa.  So why did they publish absolute grade A baloney?  Start of a campaign to ban 11+ round magazine in Maryland outright, mebbe?  Slowly tighten the gun ban screws.  Sure sure.

It is next to impossible to restore rights statewide legislatively because Democrats and their hostility toward civil rights.  We rely on judicial solutions.

C'mon Trump.  Up your nomination game, chop chop.  Before I can't even go to the local range with my new pistol in case anyone snitches on me.

Hey, Dems, you passed gun control and the murder rate went up 40%  Repeal gun control and see if it goes down 40%.

"The majority of the handguns accepted 9mm or .40-caliber ammunition.  As The Trace and The Baltimore Sun reported, as larger, more lethal rounds became the favorites of legal gun owners, they veered into criminal marketplaces as well."

Don't tell them the legal gun owner are trending down to the smaller ammo.  Glad they don't know about my .45.  At least that gun only has 8 round mags....


Tam said...

"Extendos" are all the rage in the hip-hop scene.

It does make it easier to spot the Glock in the Target checkout line, when there's a 33-rd stick poking out from under the untucked jersey.

B said...

Why do you live there?

A smart person would move, if possible.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm not smart.

And I'm not leaving until I can legally walk around with a gun on my belt in teh grocery store.

I do this for you.