Monday, January 7, 2019

Am I a Fudd?

Am I a Fudd?  I came to firearm enthusiasm late, so I am like a 30 year old in gun experience at this point.  But I am 20 year beyond that in total bodily mileage.  I look like a fat old white guy.  I LOOK like what a Fudd should look like.

I am also old fashioned and small 'c' conservative by nature.  I like old skool guns.  Preferring 1911s, still, this late in the game, and walnut-stocked battle rifles.  But the lightweight handiness of an AR appeals to me as I age just for the relative ease of physicality.  I'm too old, even if I was in shape, to hump a 100 pound ruck sack.  10 plus years ago I was more inclined to try. 

I don't go wabbit hunting.  Or duck hunting.  I've cleaned a few deer and sat in the woods to maybe shoot more than just the one, so, hardly much of a hunter.

I am thrilled that single stack guns are proliferating.  I have a few single stack guns.  They are 1911s.  But if I didn't have those and the wherewithal I'd be pleased as punch.  Why do I like them?  Comfort in an IWB holster, first.  Possibly better reliability a distant second (Glock and SIG and S&W seem to have solve the double stack low-reliability problem decades ago, so, that is why distant second.)

But Santa has noticed the youngins getting uppity and calling HIM a Fudd.  And here is a dude throwing the Fudd moniker around.

Whatevs.  No skin off my back. Just curious if I am now a Fudd.  I'm not all about "guns for me but not for these icky lower class types."  I make fun of Tactical Timmy Open Carrying his 5 guns, all at once, at people, but I don't want to outlaw OC.  I just want him to stop being a bonehead.  Nice job making your Mosin all picatinny rails and whatnot.  I'd ban duck hunting tomorrow to get rid of gun registries nationwide, but I don't want to ban hunting.   I just think that trade off is worth it.  The Glock is a fine pistol, and and this stage of my gun training arc I would not immediately trade it in for money if someone gave me one for free. 

If I am still a Fudd after all that, then the term has no meaning.  Other than an insult.  Like calling someone as azzhole or a racist.

True story at my office.  Two white dudes:

"Did you eat the last donut."

"Yes it had sprinkles."



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Miguel GFZ said...

Santa? LOL.

Can an old frat grow a beard without ending up being offered the store Santa job? :)