Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The guy has got some good points

I wonder what happened to him?

Did Rockefeller have him killed?


B said...


I mean, even Barry the O thought like that:

"At some point you've made enough money"

Who decides how much is enough? Who gets to be lazy, or stupid, or make bad decision after bad decision and then gets to take the success from those who worked hard or made GOOD decisions...

Lets say the dude who chose not to work and instead drank and partied his way through his 20's, 30's, and 40's....and he wants what some other dude has because he worked hard and was successful...Who decides how much success is too much, and how much of the second dude's "barbecue" we get to give to the first dude?? Are you willing to give up YOUR share of "success"...your share of the "barbecue" to others?

You start, then tell the rest of us how that works.

Who pays for your guns and ammo? Your house? Your car and food?
Willing to give it all up to some other dude who has less? If not, why not? It's what you are preaching here...If not, then really, you should't agree with Huey Long.

Next, yer gonna start promoting "Reparations"

Today, everyone lives better than most folks in the days of Huey Long. Our standard of living is higher now than ever before. And it is success driven, not socialist driven methods that got us there... And remember, a poor man never gave anyone a job.

Windy Wilson said...

Barry the O agreed with the Kingfisher, and I do too. I think that Barry the O has made a lot more money from having a few books ghosted for him than he needs, so Ol' Barry, fork it over. Practice what you preach, or stfu and be like the deplorables and bitter-clingers and preach -- and vote how you practice.

For a group that calls everyone else a hypocrite when they fall short of their aspirations, Democrats and Socialists are truly hypocrites for preaching publicly something they abhor in private.