Saturday, January 26, 2019

And this past week

Friday was the worst.

By worst, I mean busiest.

Not that I mind working, but it was a bit rough. 

I remember when working hard left me with sore feet, sore shoulders, sore back, cuts on my hands.

Now working hard means a stiff neck, strained eyes, wrist pain.  Just as rough, just as stressful, just as tiring, but very different. 

But no time to think on blog stuff. 

Guy at work wants a .22 pistol and the reviews of Oleg must have caught his eye as he had the Kel Tec CP33 or PMR30 on his mind as a snazzy pistol to get.

I haven't seen one in person, much less shot it, but I have heard rumors of reliability issues with Kel Tec and this model in particular.  Then again, it's just a fun gun.  A bigger worry is the Maryland issue.  I'd guess it is not on the state roster of acceptable guns.  Let me look.  Hmmm, the only banned Kel Tec is the tiny P32.

But the other thing to worry about is the magazines are too big for Maryland. 

I guess he could overcome the speed bumps and get one.  He'd be better off with the Ruger Mk whatever, in my opinion, but either way. 


McChuck said...

I seem to remember somebody hot gluing a dowel rod into a magazine to restrict the capacity to 10 rounds.

"Illegal to purchase, sell or manufacture magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds within Maryland. However, possession of magazines greater than 10 rounds is legal if purchased out of state."

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

perhaps they do it that way. they've done it before, i know

ASM826 said...

I recently got the new Ruger 22-45 with the single button takedown. I would recommend it to anyone.

pigpen51 said...

I also just picked up the Ruger Mark IV 22/45. I have not shot it yet, but it seems like it is everything that it has been bragged about. I dry fired it a couple of times, since the manual said that it was safe to do, just don't make it a habit without a snap cap. The trigger is nothing to write home about, but it is certainly adequate.
It came with 2 magazines, and I also got two extras so I won't have any worries down the road. But the other ones I had been recommended also look good. The Browning Buckmark and the Smith and Wesson 22 Victory. I just had to keep the cost down while keeping the quality up, and I got my Ruger for 278$ delivered to my FFL.

.45ACP+P said...

Browning Buckmark should be a good choice, too. Shoots great and is lighter than my Mk III.