Friday, January 4, 2019

Range 3 January

58 rounds of AE.  No malfs.

Same same.  Decent, with usual flaws and called flinches.  Slightly better stamina.  But my usual shooting mojo at least.

The bottom right is at 25 yards, the others 8 yards.

The top left the first shot is the best on, left of center near bull.

Remember when my low and right flinches were outside the narrow red circle and sometimes outside the yellow square?  Now they are on the wide red circle.

I'm not good, by any means, but I suck a lot less.

Now, the flaw is high.  And it is right.  High indicates heeling.  I 'flinch' and the lower part of my palm anticipates the recoil and pushes the muzzle up.  Ok.

But the right? 

Some think that means I am not using enough finger on the trigger face, but I've played with putting a LOT more finger on there.  Even past the knuckle ridge.  Now I thing the right drift is the same as the old LOW and RIGHT flinch.  Just I am better and there is less low

Ever notice that the trigger pulls a lot lighter when you dry fire and seems much harder to draw back when you know it will go boom?  I think that is among my next things to achieve to improve my trigger pull.  Get past that, because it is all mental. 

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