Tuesday, January 8, 2019

'This hurts so much'

Poor pitiable federal workers.

‘This hurts so much’: Federal workers speak out about shutdown hardships

YOU HAVEN'T MISSED A PAYCHECK YET!  You have the EXACT SAME amount of money you would had is the gov't hadn't had a partial shut down.   Government workers have NEVER failed to get back pay when they did go back to work after a shut down.  Unlike contractors.  Contractors will lose money.  Other people will be inconvenienced.  Gov't employees have a vacation.  With lots of support from the local area and their credit unions...

This is just Union theater. 

Sit down.  STFU. 

At least have the common courtesy to yelp only AFTER you have been struck.


ProudHillbilly said...

The possibility of delay or even complete loss of pay in a budget stand off is a condition of government employment. We called it vacation and got a lot done at home.

Jonathan H said...

I am not affected by this shutdown, however my office was closed in the 2013 shutdown. I make GOOD money and am the lowest paid in my office. it was crazy hearing the higher paid people, who have no kids, small or no mortgage, complaining about not getting pay and researching how to get unemployment, and then complaining that it takes 3 weeks to kick in!
They were so focused on maybe losing a little bit of money they didn't really need it was ridiculous!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I was impacted by the 2013 shutdown. I sucked, and I would have griped, not to the newspapers, if it went longer. I had a bigger Emergencyt-Fund then compared to now. But that's only because I bought a new roof and new car recently. I could make it 3 months, today, easy. Back then, more like 8-12. I'll build up to the bigger number. December was a spending anomaly.

Why do I have an E-Fund? IN CASE MY JOB ISN'T THERE. It happens. It happened. I don't understand people that are surprised by this.

Windy Wilson said...

Every week I meet a group of people who make burritos and hand out burritos and water to the homeless mentally ill and drug addled in our community. I doubt the problems of the government worker suffering from what Proudhillbilly termed a known possibility of employment carries much weight with our target recipients of our private-sector largesse.

It used to be that government paid less than the private sector due to the more secure nature of employment there, but now that's ancient history as the government employees hire creative writers to justify their secretaries, custodians and clerks receiving better pay than the supervisors of similar secretaries, custodians and clerks in the private sector.