Friday, January 11, 2019

NRA Grade

So, we are already talking presidential race 2020.

There is no way Nancy is gonna pass and legislation expanding our gun rights.  Not even as a favor to good friend Donald Trump.

Progun legislation was proposed 2 years ago and it went nowhere.  Squandered chance.  Could have attached something to something Chuck Schumer wanted passed.  Even the Hearing Protection Act, which is weak broth, by my lights.

But that hasn't stopped Trump from making gun bans by executive fiat, banning bumpstocks through arbitrary ATF justification.

Though Trump and the Senate has been good getting federal judges seated that are probably a good bet for our side when gun cases are brought before him.

So, one bad thing, one good thing, with little else and little chance of anything happening at all between now at November 2020.

So what grade will the NRA give Trump?  B?  I'd give him a B if I was being generous.  C maybe.

Well, NRA?  Gonna support him with the same ardor this time round?


And what grade for Rubio if he get's a gun ban bill up? D- ?  F ?

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