Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Hell...

What the hell is this?

What's it for?

"To SELL!  That's what" -The Ghost of Colonel Cooper.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but jeez.

Anyway, back to the STD gun... Yes, that's the name of the company.  Model S333, 8 rounds, .22WMR, double barrel revolver.  So four volleys.  That hook up front for a trigger guard looks like it would really get hung up on clothing in a CCW situation.

(A little tiny part of me is kinda glad this exists.  Just a little No I am not getting one.)

I like that creative people apply their energies to unique firearm designs (well, I am sure there is something similar built 100 years ago by some obscure inventer, as there is nothing new under the sun) but...  Sometime it is too much.

That Dart ShotGun the army was considering in the 60s falls under this rubric as a new/unique but sketchy idea that went too far.  See also, cased ammo.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"I am absolutely appalled, yet I cannot look away."

Miguel GFZ said...

It looks like Glock finally came up with a revolver and the dog chewed it

McChuck said...

Cased telescoping ammunition is the new hotness. This just goes to prove that Acquisitions at the Puzzle Palace is staffed entirely by fourth rate morons, assigned there to "keep them from ruining anything important."

Windy Wilson said...

So. To miss twice as fast? How do you aim? Why an incomplete trigger guard? I guess the mustache-shaped trigger is for select fire? Still, why no trigger guard? Is it single-action, or (forgive me here) double-action?
Now I have to buy a (small) box of .22wmr in case someone shows up at the range with this and he isn't thrown out and banned as being a threat to life and limb. I'm curious as to how it shoots in volley mode, but not enough to even rent the thing.

And what is cased ammo? The regular stuff I buy?
Telescoping cased.
I just don't pay enough attention to "It's new!" "Is it better?" "Who cares, it's new!" anymore.

Will said...

rimfire guns tend to have heavier springs to help whack the case hard enough to ignite that case coating primer. In this gun, you are hitting two cases, which is why the trigger is designed to use two fingers to pull it. I suspect that a trigger guard is pretty much superfluous in this instance, and might impede firing, as there is not much gap between your second and third fingers.