Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Brother in Town

Was out late last night.  No blog idea right now, sorry.  Odds and sods:

Uh...  I don't mind a robust and kinetic furren policy.  I do mind not bothering to win the wars we get in.  So, despite feeling bad the Kurds might get boar-hogged, I'm not offended about just letting the Turks deal with them bastards in Syria.  I hope someone does.  Deal with them.  That isn't Iran.  Second place for 'hope doesn't win'.  Everyone else.  We should have settled everyone's hash by 2006 by victory, and this conversation shouldn't even be happening.  So, whatever.

Yankee screw drivers.  I don't recommend using the apparatus for standard head screws.  It makes a good long ratcheting screw driver without the drive mechanism.  I don't even recommend it for Phillips heard.  But man, that mechanism works great with Robertson (square hole) screws.  The screw sticks to the tip so you don't have to hold it to get it going. I did a plank floor in the attic this way.

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