Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Future Magazine Ban

"I remember when they banned high capacity magazines.  Regular mags became so expensive in Cheaper Than Dirt catalogs.  I mean, the ban didn't work, they were readily available.  You just had to pay extra.  If they ever look like they are gonna ban magazines again Ima buy a whole bunch right before as an investment vehicle."

Heard that today.

If the law is close to being enacted then you are too late.  If you think that is really going to happen you should have bought last year and continue to until the price started to creep up on you.  Then hold until the price was worth cashing in on

Even then, it won't be like before.  People already have the attitude you have, buddy, and resolved not to be left holding the bag again.  There is a much bigger stockpiled supply, in situ, all over.  I bet even causal gunnies, not normally the hoarder type, are more likely to buy a spare mag or two these days, where in the old days they would be satisfied with the 2 that came in the box with their new gun. 

And yes, I buy spares.  Part of it is to short circuit any possible future ban and appease the prepper in me.  But another part is to cater to my laziness.  I like to go to the range with enough mags to load a whole box of ammo into.  Less things to keep track of.  All the bullets either get shot or loaded into a magazine and the empty box goes in the trash.  Just a habit peculiar to me.   

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Antibubba said...

When the ban was overturned for a week here in California, we depleted retail stocks at a lot of companies all over the US. They'll argue over it for years in the courts since the window closed, but the time to buy is now--because you might not be able to get them right before you can't get them.