Wednesday, October 23, 2019


For the GOP conservatives that are looking forward to a post-Trump world where they get back in the driver seat.

Ok, you got another head of the party, and he isn't a loud-mouth vulgarian from Queens.

What Trump policies are you looking to reverse?

  • cutting regulations
  • enforcing law and order, both crime and immigration laws, supporting the police, but not over incarcerating
  • refraining from nation building with an active and kinetic foreign policy
  • not rolling over on trade deals, ceding every advantage to our partners and rivals
  • lower taxes
  • low interest rates, low inflation
  • full employment, and the end of the Great Recession of his predecessor
  • vigorous appointing of Originalist justices
  • kiboshing Global Warming baloney
Which of these do you think is really the wrong direction and un-conservative?  

If Pence ran on continuing all these things in 2024, would that be bad, that post-Trump world?  If Mitt Romney won the nom again and ran on all these things, would you vote of AOC, instead, in the general, because it smacks of Trump?

If you are a conservative and have anything more severe than mild opposition to any of the policy results, above, are you really a conservative?  What do you DO here?

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