Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Choose again

Bolt action left side, or lever action .308? What to do. Help me decide.

I always thought I'd go Remington, but I've been on a CZ kick lately. And they are handsome rifles.

I hear rumors that CZ makes a lefty version of THIS beauty. (you HEAR me Santa?) That might be in the DISTANT future, when I am richer. Or this one on a budget, but only .30-06. Think they make this tactical one in Lefty? What are the chances? I'm sending an email to CZUSA to ask.

This might be my favorite CZ. European styling, iron sights, a scope base, It just appeals to me. And it in either .30-06 or .308, so it hits all my requirements if a lefty.

So what about the choice?! Ok. Do I get the bolt action CZ 550 FS with the Mannlicher stock, or do I get a the Winchester 88.

Once I go this route I may never turn back and get the OTHER one. It will be my single shot target and hunting rifle for 800 yard or less shooting (when I get better...) with a 10 power scope mounted. The alternate, unchosen rifle will be superfluous in the gun safe I am trying to keep trimmed down. See the Master List.

So, this in Lefty config:


Update: SUMBITZ!!! Just got an email back. CZ makes darn few lefties, and none in .30 cal of any sort.

Makes the choice easier at this point, don't it?


I think my consternation means "I want a bolt action so I can chamber another round from the prone position, which I can't do as well with the lever gun, but the lever gun is perfect otherwise." I need a 'bolt action Winchester 88 pre-1964' Which is probably just a bolt action lefty Winchester Model 70. I'll poke around gunbroker some more, to see if it exists.


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Anonymous said...

If you're set on a lefty, have you considered Browning?

There's this one with a 20 inch barrel available in .308

This one comes in .30-06 with a 22 inch barrel.

Then there's This pricey one in .30-06 with a 22 inch barrel available with the "BOSS" system.

Savage has the most offerings in Left handed bolt actions...and the best prices...and I've heard really good things about their "accutrigger" system.

Ruger makes a few left-handed M77 models, a couple in .30-06, but none in .308

And Remington offers several lefthanded Model 700 variants that are available in both .308 and .30-06 depending on the variant.

As a lefty myself, I've always been partial to Browning's offerings, but the Remington 700 has the most widely recognized reputation, Ruger makes a darn good rifle and Savage can't be dismissed out of hand. There are plenty of choices out there for us lefties these days.