Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Northcoast AAR

The Ford had it coming.  First 2 shots were from me and MBtGE with .44 magnums.  He got the front passenger window, I drilled the back.  Then it was on like Donkey Kong.  Amazing how easy it is to hit things with that big hog leg from that distance.  I wouldn't hesitate to use it for deer hunting, even with iron sights.

The damage should buff right out.

Other things I learned.  Tannerite is fun, but a 2.5x scope on a Garand and a marginal shooter isn't going to beat the the guys with better optics, better skilles, and ARs.  But I am sneaky.  I noted a charge fell to the ground and no one noticed the little corner sticking up in the grass.  Then, borrow an AR with said optics and polish it off when everyone thinks the fun is over.  Attention to detail wins the race.

Old NFO's SCAR with an ACOG is about the funnest shooting modern rifle I've ever had the privilege of shooting. 

Newbius had a Drilling from Deutschland, pre-WWII.  Pretty.  Two 16 gauge and a single 9.3x74mmR, exposed hammers.  I only shot the rifle part twice. The second time utilizing the double set trigger.  Oh.  My.  That's a nice trigger.  Best I've ever shot.  If you think real hard it will go.


MBtGE's CX4 storm carbine with EOTech sight was the belle of the ball, I think.  It's like .40 shooting on Easy mode.

Bubblehead Les had a Sten.  Danged uncomfortable to shoot and persnickety to run.  There is no place to grip with your shooting hand.  The mag, in place, made it hard to work the bolt.  If I were a Tommy I'd snatch up an MP40 in battle the first time one came available.

Breda didn't shoot me this year, and for that I thank her.  I did get a pellet bounce back from the Drilling.  Bird shot bouncing off a car can do that.  It didn't penetrate the t-shirt, but if it hit an eye without protective goggles that would be bad.  Eyes and ears, people.

Her Bersa didn't hurt as much this year.  Maybe the new Crimson Trace grips?

3 inch 12 gauge shells out of a bolt action shotgun DO hurt.  That'll wake you up in the morning.

Mom Fallacy had her little Beretta .22.  That was a sweet shooter, thought the grip was shaped for right handers. 

Many thanks to Breda for calling in her Posse to all come and have fun, to Heath and Amanda for having a place to eat and drink and nearby relatives to acres to shoot on, and Newbius for making a LOT of pizzas that were the best I've ever had out of a home oven. 

Traffic coming home was GAWDawful, what with the Monsoon rains and the aforementioned 36 mile back up on the PA Turnpike. I usually get sleepy on long drives and struggle to stay away.  When you are worried about dying on the rain slick roads that keeps you alert, I tell ya.  The guy on the motorcycle, I felt real bad for him.



Bubblehead Les. said...

The Sten is heading back to the Shop for a rework, but I still wouldn't hold my breath. But we discovered it sure wasn't the ammo, because we loaded it into Glock Mags, including the light strikes, and they fired just fine. Just ask Breda how it was to fire a Glock 26 with a 33 round mag in it. That is, if you can get her to stop smiling. Drillings: Bring them Back!

Newbius said...

Actually, the Drilling is 9.3x72R and uses a single-set trigger for the rifle. It has double triggers, one for each hammer, but the rifle trigger (right hammer) can be pushed forward into set. You better be on-target when you touch it...


Mike W. said...

Glad I didn't take the PA Turnpike home then!

breda said...

Why can't we do this EVERY weekend? *pout*

Mike W. said...

Breda, I'm sure if you set up a blogshoot every weekend people would come. Maybe not those of us 7+ hours away, but still....

Coming out again next year NJT?

Chuck Kuecker said...

Had the remains of an old clapped out VW Bug out on my range when I had friends over a few weeks back. Didn't quite get THAT many holes in it, though.

Learned how to bump-fire my AK-47 on it. Actually hit what I was pointing at several times!

Old NFO said...

Yep, fun was had by all :-) Glad you liked the SCAR Sir!