Sunday, July 28, 2013


New axe.

A Remington Model 5 portable:

Gah, I'm a horrible typist.  That should be 'sweetly' and 'Messed' among other issues.

This cost $65 back in '32.  One in mint condition will cost 10 times that today.  I didn't spend 10 times that.  Or even twice that.

So now i have one of each in the typewriter department.  An office size, a portable Noiseless, and a portable standard.  All Remington.  In keeping with my 'one of each' philosophy, I am done.  Unless something special falls in my lap like this one...


Old NFO said...

Nice, and it even has a cents special key!!! :-)

breda said...

Love. <3

Roberta X said...