Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Andy-ification of SWAT

Let's conjecture some more.

Let's say there is general uprising in the voting public.  They are sick of the police screwing up SWAT raids.  And the outraged public manage to convince the politicians to pass laws and regulations banning the militarization of Five-Oh.

On this imaginary day in the future the cops have been ordered to go Sheriff Andy Taylor instead of John Rambo.  No more ARs, with or without a fun switch.  No pistol that the ordinary public can't buy.  No more urban Armored Vehicle.  No more masked men.  Search warrants really tamped down to avoid abuses.

Well, just because SWAT type raids are frowned upon, and the symbols that made them excessive have been 'forbidden' that doesn't mean Barn and Andy don't sometimes need to go inside houses to get bad guys.  Sometimes a North Hollywood shootout happens.

So, what do they do?

Well, they have a pistol and a pump shotgun just like they used to.  Would they go house clearing with a lever action .30-30?  Naw.  Just stick to the scattergun, door kickers.  Makes more sense.  But have the Marlin in the cruiser's trunk, in case North Hollywood happens again 


Tam said...

Why shouldn't the cops have an AR? I do. I'd be kind of a frickin' hypocrite if I didn't let Matt G have one.

Stephanie Belser said...

While I'd like to agree with Tam, I think the cops need to prove that they can responsibly handle advanced technology (anything post-1890).

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

We got crazy laws now, we could have crazy over-reactions in the future.

This was an actual dream I had. It was weird seeing an entry team with cowboy guns on the news in dreamworld.