Friday, March 1, 2019

Oh, and...

Got my taxes done. 

Because of the tax cuts and changes in my withholdings I DID pay more this time around.

I promised to fess up if I ended up paying more or less.  If the 'Trump' tax cut helped or hurt, was a scam or real help.  Whether or not I'd have to eat crow, because I didn't know, just had a hunch.

I got $2000 extra on my paycheck all told over the year.

But I 'paid' $700 more this year than last.  I had to write a bigger check when I filed by 700 clams.  So, extra money in my pocket is a mere $1300.  Kamala Harris is full of shit.  Put the bong down, lady. $1300 is no tax hike, ya dumb bint. 

A liberal at work was planning to use his refund to go on vacation this March.  He was expecting $10,000, again, like last year.  It's not 10k this time.  I just stared at him and smiled.  Internal monologue:  "Dude..."  That's Trump's fault, too. 

I think he's convinced not to adjust his withholdings to get a big refund next year.  It's almost dialed in, now, by accident.  So he CAN learn.  And he's smart with other things, like the job. 

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