Saturday, August 22, 2009

.44 Oopsey

Trollop reports a failure with her S&W 629

The cylinder and yoke fell off. The gun.

Happens. I'll see it tonite and see what can be done.


JB Miller said...


Anonymous said...

S&W uses a screw on the front side of the frame to retain the yoke - it fits into a notch in the yoke axle. If this screw gets too loose, the yoke can slide forward and off the pistol. I had the same problem with my S&W 625 - easy fix.


Bob said...

This reply should be in your "Master List" post, but you didn't open that one for comments.

You ask if S&W makes an all-steel .38 Special ONLY snub of any type, and they do: the Model 40 Centennial Classic in blue or nickel finish, at a higher price because it's in the Classic line. Be aware that the Model 40 comes equipped with the original grip safety of that revolver, so changing stocks to something more comfortable is problematic.