Thursday, August 13, 2009

General Stuff

I've been away from the range too long. And from the ammo store. I must check in with both, and right soon. I need .40 to get available again. And .45 wouldn't be bad either.

My next 2 purchases, many months in the future, are going to be revolvers. 617 and a Centennial 640. If the steel snubby is too heavy for pocket carry and starts pulling my slacks donw to my ankles regularly, then I'll think about an Airweight version of same. That's an ADDITIONAL snubby. One for practice, mostly, one for carry, mostly. I lean toward the 617 as the first pick up because I have a pistol for carrying. I don't have a dedicated .22 pistol. And that's just not right. And after, with all these wheelguns in the arsenal, I can have a revolver day at the range one day and a auto-chucker day at the range the next.

Not much left to pickup after that. In the far future there is a couple long guns I want. The Ideal-For-Me Carbine, and a lefty bolty. I'll have to get creative in the gun safe to jam them in, but I got some ideas for that. It'd be nice to keep the shotgun more accessible for home defense, and that would free up a space.


Anonymous said...

Excellent choices for revolvers. I have a 317 and a 640. It's great to have the .22 for extended practice that doesn't leave you broke. I use the 640 to remain aware of the recoil issues.
Too bad your way out West, .40 is about the only ammo ALWAYS in stock everywhere here in Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Oops, that should be "you're", my bad