Thursday, August 27, 2009

I See You’ve Played Shooty Bolty Before!

So my too biggest shooty selection agonies are a carbine and a bolt action.

The bolt action is easy enough. There are enough lefty bolts in .308 out there to make me happy, I just have to but that purchase in the priority list. The ideal bolt action for me is very similar to the run of the mill bolt action anyway. My desired features are pretty nitpicky. What does the bolt action give me than the M1A doesn’t? Just simplicity of operation and subsequent reliability and it is easier to mount optics on a bolty. Big deal. The M1A isn’t known for being delicate and I have spare parts of the commonly broken bits. It’s not like a bolt action can NEVER fail. A kluged up firing pin is an end to the fun with either rifle.

As for the carbine… What’s the hurry? If I need something short and more boomy than a pistol I have a Model 11 with an 18.25” barrel. That’d cover most situations where you want short and handy like a pistol cartridge chambered rifle. I even have a lever gun chambers in .357. I’m fine and dandy. If I want something MORE than the shotty (frex: Zombocalypse, or something greater than a Katrina situation) then I have the M1A and Garand. I’m set. I just need to relax a bit. One day, perhaps, I’ll just pick up a Camp Carbine and be done with it. But no hurry.
So did I just talk myself off the ledge on gun purchases again? Yes. Yes I did. I need to do that regularly to avoid mortgaging the house acquiring a gawdawful huge COLLECTION. I’m sure I’ll get a hankering again for either type in the near future. Well, delayed gratification has a pleasure all its own.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I have to do that quite often to myself. The budget will not allow any more gun toys at the moment. I look, I drool, I wish, I long for, I touch and fondle, but I just can't afford.
(sigh . . . )

B Woodman

DirtCrashr said...

What, no classic M1 Carbine? I've been thinking of selling my Noveske AR and buying three Kel-Tec SU16's since I already have the caliber choice made.

Keith said...

Go ahead and get one. You can never have twenty six guns without first buying the twenty fifth.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'd be more interested in the M1 Carbine if it shot a round something else of mine also shoots.

Or it was an M3. Almost as fun to shoot at the MP40...