Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buddy's New Toy

My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast bought a new toy. The Beretta CX4 Storm. It’s magazines go in his Beretta pistol, too, so he now has commonality.

I may get the chance to shoot it this weekend, and I’ll report back on the experience.

Since I’ve mostly given up on a new version of the Marlin Camp Carbine coming out, I may give up on the magazine commonality requirement for my own future carbine-get. But I’d still like to keep the ammo commonality. And now, it seems, the CX4 is chambered in .40, and 9mm and… .45 ACP. Very nice. If I do give up on magazine commonality, I am good, having both pistols in .45 and .40, now. I don’t know how prevalent the CX4 in .45 is yet, but the .40 has been out a while. When I came up with my personal carbine requirements I assumes I’d never have anything but 1911s, but that Sig 229 I borrowed just shot so well…

My dream carbine would be the CX4 Storm that took 1911 mags and then get some of those 25 rounder drums to go with it. But that is never going to happen.

Beretta’s offering decent firearms. People have problems with Beretta’s guns, but rarely from quality control issues. Hence the reason it is sort of on the short list. And it’s modern. You can mount modern optics on it in a trice and still have room on the rails for a cup holder or cigarette lighter.
So if I fall in love with shooting MBtGE’s gun that could put a third piece on the priority list. That reminds me, I need to update the Master List…

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Anonymous said...

My buddy's father-in-law has one of those and man, it's fun to shoot. High giggle-factor. :-)