Monday, August 24, 2009

Contrarian Range Report

So I went to the range with the work buddy known here as the Contrarian.

I was rusty, as you can see here:

But I came back to my usual level quickly. It's been too long. The upper left is my first few mags, all 1911 .45, and at 25 feet or so. Bottom left is .45, too, the right sides is the .40 through the Sig 229. Not so good.

Contrarian had been shooting forever so I didn't go over the 4 rules like I do with real new shooters. If he didn't know and follow them now nothing I could say would fix him. And if he was lax at the range I wouldn't have shot with him again. He was not lax. He really did know his stuff. Though he told tales of his and various associates and family members antic. He grew up in rural Wisconsin. All there was to do was mess around in cars, drink, and shoot guns. Sometimes all 3 together. Yikes.

I didn't get any pictures of his targets, and that is where all the .22 action went down. At first, he shot poorly, but near the end of the session he improved greatly. A matter of getting his sea-legs back.

On here, I did a bit better:

On the left side panels it's .40 top, .45 bottom with both hands. The right side? One hand drill, (both hands in turn with the 1911) .45 top, .40 bottom. I shoot a bit high either way. But I shoot about as well with either hand. I need to grip harder one handed as the gun flips up as bad as it did for Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan when he is taking on a German Tiger tank with a .45.
Contrarian kinda lusts after the PPK. Which, I figured out recently, stands for Polezei Pistole Kurz. Or Police Pisol chambered in 9mm Kurz. 9mm Kurz is also known as .380 ACP. I think another alias for that round is 9mm Short. Yup. It is. And it has other names too, apparently. Corto? Kratak? Scurt? Interesting. You know who designed that cartridge don't you?

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Roger said...

Actually, the Kurz (Short) is because it's a shortened version of the Police Pistol (PP), not because it fires the 9mm Short (9x17mm) round. PPKs are also found chambered for the 7.65 Browning (.32 ACP). You can guess who designed that cartridge, I'll bet :-).