Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Gun

I forgot a range report before my lengthy absense.

Four weeks ago, Trollop and I traipsed to Hap Baker to shoot rifles, and to try out the "Trollop Fohty Fo" S&W 629, with an 8 inch barrel.

She is scary accurate. I learned an important lesson. Don't get Trollop angry enough with me so that she might shoot me. It'll be the last thing I ever do. Her double action shots are the 3 touching at 4 o'clock, off the black. Standard lefty flinch Her next 3 and the first 3 after the reload is that hole in the middle. 7 yards.


During the shoot we got 3 duds, shooting DA. Primer dented, and just didn't go off. 2 of those shot after resetting the cylinder and going SA. It was Remington ammo.

While shooting the pistols, folks would ask The Trollop when I wasn't around whether that big .44 was really 'her' gun and not just mine that I let her shoot. She was very happy and proud to set them straight.

I'd like to go to the range as a pair, and out of my range bag a .380, .22, and a .38, out of hers, a 8" .44, and .50 Desert Eagle... just to see people's eyes.

Shooting at the rifle range, the sights on the m1a were a failure. The screw had worked loose so all clicks were doing nothing, most of the time. When on it shot fine. Most in the black at 200 yards. Trollop enjoyed it too. I don't have any pictures of the rest of the targets because the camera is attached to the dead computer. I should get the new one up and running this week, with luck.

What i NEED is to hang to with someone like Carteach or Blackfork for a long weekend

Im gonna do detailed strip vis a fieldstrip. Been to the range 3 times and it's time to see how much dirt is in that M1A now. When good it's great for zombies, but until the sights are fixed... Should be just a matter of tightening.

As for my pistol shooting, I noticed something very good. And something not so good.

My kungfu grip is off. I need to drill dry fire to get it back. When I grab a pistol with the right kungfu grip the front sight is there, whereever I look it is just sitting there looking where I look. This time it was a bit to the right and I had to search for it. The good thing? When I concentrated and got everything right, when my shooting arm was straight and the grip was good and I leaned forward a hair, and I flexed me knees, and I held my breath in an abbreviated hold and I squeezed the trigger, and didn't rush it.... The shots were NOTICEABLY better. Almost shooting-epiphany better. I need to drill this. If this was automatic instinct I'd be pleased.

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