Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ammo Availability Status

The drought isn't over. Not by a long shot. When bulk .45 is available in big stacks on the ends of ammo aisles in boxes of 250, THEN it will be over.

I don't buy from Wal Mart, but reports are they just have shotgun stuff now. That may be because of the ammo shortage or it may be because of Wal Mart getting away from boomstick sales in order to make Mayor Bloomberg happy and finally get a Wal Mart store opened in Manhattan. In other news Sam Walton is still spinning in his grave. So fast that even had they wound a copper wire around him he's be going too fast to generate reliable electricity.

My local gunstore has ammo in decent quantity, but the price is up to keep it from flying off the shelves.

The local Bass Pro is still cheap, and still sparse. Not as bad as 8 months ago.

I went to gun stores in Virginia a couple weeks ago. The shelves aren't groaning under the weight, but the variety is there, and the price hasn't gone up. They restrict you to 2 boxes per customer. I was able to get 4 thanks to MbtGE standing in line behind me with my cash.

So I have a few more session of blasting ammo to use at the range.


Tam said...

"I don't buy from Wal Mart, but reports are they just have shotgun stuff now."

Depends on the Wal-Mart. The one nearest us is like that. The last one I was in up in Lafayette had the full assortment.

kirk said...

Every time I go to the local basspro (which is probably the same one you go to) there is almost no pistol ammo at all. A couple boxes of .25 and some .22.

If it was not for reloading I would not be shooting any pistol right now.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's shocking at the lack of .22, at times, at that BassPro.

I think they get stuff but in sets of 10. And one person will buy 5, and then 30 minutes later another person will get the rest, and there goes all the .38 special, or whichever.