Sunday, November 29, 2009


or Gun Safe...

Who saw the movie The Watchmen? Read the graphic novel?

You remember that closet the Comedian had and was shown near the beginning. He kept his secret stuff in there, and the cops didn’t find it after he was murdered. Rorshach had to find it, after.

The closet had a false back. And when the secret button was found the panel moved aside revealing all the Comedian’s secret identity stuff, like his super hero costume and his various weapons and tools of the trade.


Good burglar prevention, too.

You can have the best gun vault in the world, a determined thief CAN get inside. Or remove it entirely and take his time breaking into it back at his Burglar Lair.

But if he never finds the vault, he can’t burgle it.

Let’s just say I think this is a good idea. Just saying. No reason. Having a panel where you push a button and it slides aside, revealing stuff. Don't you think that would be nifty?

And that’s for boomsticks and bug out bags you WANT to be able to access regularly. There might be some stuff you want to only access in an emergency. For these, a void in the drywall that you wallpaper over is good place for a loaded shotgun. For slower access, but deeper concealment, a pistol in a heating duct is a thought. Then there are those that store stuff in sealed and nested PVC pipes, buried in the yard or elsewhere. (Use 2 PVC pipes, one inside the other, with the greased rifle and ammo and cleaning kit in the inside pipe, and bury it vertically.) But there is a saying, “if it’s time to start burying rifles, then that is really the time to start digging them up,” so I don’t necessarily recommend that.

You might not want to store every boomstick in a concealed room. Leave some in a separate area that a burglar is more likely to find. A burglar that SAW you bring a gun case in from your car is gonna expect to find at least one when he tosses your abode.


JB Miller said...

Anonymous said...

I know a crafty feller who did just that. And it IS nifty.

George said...

Just hope it cannot be compromised. My 750# safe was in the open. A truck had run into the back of the house, so I was living elsewhere, while the house was being rebuilt. Burglars saw their opportunity, broke in, were unable to breach the safe. SO THEY LEFT/RETURNED WITH FRIENDS AND TOOK THE WHOLE SAFE!! None of the credit cards have been used, or firearms reported as having surfaced. A good name brand safe.
Whether you conceal it or not, make certain it is bolted into the concrete! I had always figured at 750#, it wasn't going anywhere. I was wrong. If they have time, they will look.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh I don't have one of these. I'm just sayin.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm no masked crime-fighter, after all.