Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Snub Search

So, my search for a Smith & Wesson 640 Centennial, pre-lock, begins. I am trolling the auction site GunBroker.

Just looking. Purchase is still a ways away. January probably. But I want to know what they are running, price wise.


Now, lots of 640s are available. They have the lighter frames, generally, and only are rated for .38. I’d prefer the full underlug type that can shoot .357. Not that I’ll shoot much .357 through it, it’s just my preference.

The hassle of getting a won auction sent to a local FFL, paying the fees and shipping, makes the effort daunting. But I just may do it anyway. Depends on how much I value a no-lock version. Do I value it $100 above normal retail? Maybe. Maybe I do.

The other option is to get a deal on the lighter .38 only 640 revolvers. Decisions, decisions.

In an ideal world I’d get a NIB 640, with no lock, from the factory direct to my gunstore. When it comes time to buy I’ll ask them to see if they can find one, but experience tells me that may be a nigh impossible hope.

And in this case I may travel further afield and check the display cases of OTHER gunstores. I like to give my business to my local, but, in this case I may make an exception. For that I’ll let my fingers do the walking and phone a few stores like Bart’s and Gun Connection. Maybe even Atlantic.


Paladin said...

Don't know if you've ever bought via gunbroker auction before or not. I've done it several times and over all its been a really good experience.

Not too much hassle and I've been able to buy exactly what I wanted, for probably a third less cash than I would have had to pay locally - both new and used. I even sold one gun through Gunbroker. That was more trouble, with me having to do the shipping to an FFL, but still not too bad.

The key is finding a good FFL near you that won't try to charge you half the cost of the gun for doing 5 minutes of paperwork. Good luck on your search!

Mad Saint Jack said...

IIRC S&W made some new no-lock 642s.

Anonymous said...

I lucked into a very lightly-used 640-1 (1st J-mag, no lock, full underlug) at a Gander Mountain. It sat in the used case for over a week before I decided I was being an idiot, so I gave them the $349 they wanted, and now I have a fantastic pocket gun. Keep looking. The J-mags bark too hard for lots of folks who get excited about having a .357 in their pocket, so they do show up, and frequently at good prices when folks don't realize what they have (especially with the 'a 642 weighs less and so is easier to carry' mindset so prevalent these days).