Monday, November 9, 2009

Order via Catalog

I ordered some stuff.

I needed a parts kit for the P229. You know. Just in case. Springs and spares. Plus it comes with flathead grip screws to swap out those horrible Torx screws. I'll put those Torx in the spares bin. I don't want to carry around THAT funny screw driver in my range bag.

(Ooo, dammit, I forgot to get the appropriate LocTite. The thread sealer I have now is for coarser screws. What type do I get, anyway?)

Since I was already on the Midway website I got a few more odds and ends. Some Sig factory mags, some Chip McCormick 1911 mags, and a cheapy pocket holster for a snub revolver. I've re-ordered my Master List, and I think the Snubbie is now in the running as a primary pickup.

And I took a chance on an Auto-5 friction ring/brake for my Remington Model 11. It's only $4 something. If it doesn't fit right I'll can it.


Sigboy said...

Green, no, blue. AHHHHHHHHH! {Falls off bridge and into a deep crevase}

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Every time I get Loctite I find the fine print that says it should only be used on threads a 6 TPI or coarser. 6 threads per inch? HUGE! I'm not screwing an aircraft carrier in place! Who at the Home Despot needs that?

Sigboy said...

Just use the blue, it is 'softer' than the red, and the green is for sleeves, but would also work.
Although in all honesty, I have never had a loose screw problem, at least not on the Sig's.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

My SIG is the worst culprit!

Arthur said...

Definitely use the blue. For a screw that size it'd take an acetylene torch to get red out.

Loctite now makes the blue in what looks like an oversize lip balm(chapstick)container. It's a soft solid that is much easier to apply small amounts without slopping it all over the place.

Pop N Fresh said...

Blue, you can always touch a soldering iron to the piece to remove it later. Or you could put a little "Shoe Goo" glue on the tip and it should kinda rubberize and stay in place but be easier to remove later.